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The VT-5 light-duty tank is put through its paces at a demonstration held on Wednesday by State-owned arms-maker China North Industries Group Corp. Provided to China Daily

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China demonstrated many of its domestically developed tanks and other land-based weapons in an arms show before hundreds of foreign military officers in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Wednesday.

The event was held by State-owned China North Industries Group Corp, commonly known as Norinco, the country"s biggest maker of land-based armaments. It was meant to show the latest achievements of the Chinese land-based weapons industry, Norinco said in a statement.

About 230 officers from more than 50 foreign nations, mostly military attaches to Beijing and procurement officials, attended the demonstration. It included live-fire performances by battle tanks and anti-tank missiles, at a shooting range of the Inner Mongolia First Machinery Co, a subsidiary of Norinco, in the industrial city of Baotou.

Dozens of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and mine-resistant/ambush protected vehicles roared onto the proving ground in formation and then conducted tactical maneuvers. Several amphibious assault vehicles and all-terrain vehicles cut through bodies of water.

The weapons displayed were the export versions, not those used by the Chinese military.

During the live-fire exercise, a VT-4 main battle tank and a ST-1 tank destroyer fired rounds of armor-piercing ammunition, and a VT-5 light-duty tank launched anti-tank missiles. A GL-5 active protection system mounted on a tank intercepted an incoming anti-tank rocket.

Afterward, many foreign guests were invited to drive and operate several types of tanks and armored vehicles.

Zhu Zheng, a senior armored vehicle researcher at Norinco and spokesman for this year"s show, said the company wanted to feature the VT-5 light-duty tank and VN-17 tracked infantry fighting vehicle this year.

The VT-5, which the company called the most advanced light-duty tank available in the international market, is based on proven technologies and has a powerful, Chinese designed engine, Zhu said.